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CLIPC: Constructing Europe's Climate Information Portal

CLIPC provides access to Europe's climate data and information.

Access the CLIPC dataset catalogue

The CLIPC dataset catalogue lists the following datasets:

  • The BiasBias
    The average difference between the values of the forecasts and the observations on the long term. While accuracy is always positive the bias could be either positive of negative depending on the situation.
    corrected datasets created within CLIPC 
  • Processed /calculated datasets
  • Tier 1/2/3 Climate ImpactClimate Impact
    See Impact Assessment
    indicators as created and used in the project. Indicators from other sources outside CLIPC have been collected and are also made available
  • Other climate datasets made available through CLIPC services

The user interface allows the user to search, browse and view metadatametadata
Information about meteorological and climatological data concerning how and when they were measured, their quality, known problems and other characteristics.
. All datasets provide URL's for download and where possible can be visualised via a viewer.

All indicator datasets you will find back in the CLIPC Toolkit. The datasets can also be used for processing in the MyCLIPC processing service. The output can be used again in the toolkit or in another process.

Browsing the catalogue is open for every user, but for processing under MyCLIPC the user has to login first. 

The design of the catalogue user interface allows the users to filter in the left column (via a drill-down method ), and browse the results in the main part of the screen. A small map shows the geographic coverage of the datasets in the selection (see top right in the figure below).

Dataset catalogue preview

Figure: Preview of the catalogue interface in development

The catalogue has been built up using ISO19115 / ISO19139 metadata harvested via CSW services.